United Media Guild Mission

Article 1, section 2 of TNG’s constitution states, “The purpose of The Newspaper Guild shall be to:


  • Advance the economic interests and to improve the working conditions of its members;
  • Guarantee, as far as it is able, equal employment and advancement opportunity in the newspaper industry and constant honesty in news, editorials, advertising, and business practices;
  • Raise the standards of journalism and ethics of the industry;
  • Foster friendly cooperation with all other workers;
  • Promote industrial unionism in the jurisdiction of the Guild.”


The United Media Guild strives in all of its actions to uphold and exceed the goals and purposes of this mission. This has been the mission of The Newspaper Guild since our inception on August 20, 1933.

We believe every work force needs:

  • 1. Fair wage and benefit levels
  • 2. Job security
  • 3. Good working conditions
  • 4. Safe working conditions
  • 5. Fair advancement opportunity
  • 6. A leveling of the bargaining field with a balance of power between the parties
  • Improved protection for employees who desire to be represented by unions.


Heywood Broun wrote the column that launched the Guild. You can read it for yourself here.

Here is the Newspaper Guild constitution in its entirety.

Here is the CWA Constitution.

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